Firing of a Gun on the Highway at Conisborough

March 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 20 March 1891

Firing of a Gun on the Highway at Conisborough

This was the charge preferred against Arthur Sellers pit sinker, Conisborough, for whom Mr. Baddiley appeared.

The complainant was that the defendant wilfully fired the gun into a hedge while on the highway, and then he put the gun under his arm and walked away.

Mr. Baddiley (to the officer): Did you see this man shoot?- Yes; I saw the smoke.—lt was on the highway. I stood and watched him.

Mr. Baddiley contended that it did not occur on the highway. but was in a field where the man had the permission of a farmer named Smith, to be. This was a quarter of a mile from the highway, and that was where the defendant said he was on the day in question.

A witness, however, confirmed the statement of the police.

Mr. Baddiley said he could say no more after the evidence that had been given.

Ordered to pay the costs, 16s.