Denaby Society First Night Problems – But a Pleasing “Aladdin”

January 1956

South Yorkshire Times January 28, 1956

First Night Problems
But a Pleasing “Aladdin” at Denaby

An hour before the curtain went up on the first night of Denaby and District Operating Society’s production of “Aladdin”, in Denaby Baths Hall, on Tuesday one of the principles, Iris Harrison, was unable to appear owing to illness.

A member of the chorus, Gladys Turner, took over and within an hour she had learned the several songs and lines, she made a very good job of her task.

The society and all the first night problems but the performance was wholly enjoyable, for all that.

In the first scene, which found the three principles together, the stage was suddenly plunged into darkness, but the three actors, Aladdin, played by Muriel Brookes, widow Twankey (Alfred Barnes) and Abanazar (Alan Brookes carried on with the scene and sang in darkness.)

After this fall to be rectified the punter went more smoothly and few mishaps occurred in a good performance.

Muriel Brookes, as Aladdin, gave a very good performance and are good voice carried very well. Her husband, Alan Brookes, took the part of the magician very well and the audience appreciated the many tricks he performed.

Alfred Barnes was a great success with the audience and cause much laughter, especially in the role of school ma’am. Joining her in the laughter were the “Crazy Gang”, played by Harry Turner, Terry Williams and Joseph Beasley, who had the audience in fits of laughter with their escapades throughout the night.

Princess Sadie, taken by blonde Yvonne Owen give a very good performance

Pleasing performances were also given by Doris Clarke (Prince Pekoe) Gladys Turner (So-Shi), Peter Barnes (Idle Suey), Gillian Jones (Wishee-Washee) Fred Walker (Emperor You Go Hang, Clive Sutton (PC Coppah), Joseph Beasley (Choppy Rumstick), Fred Thompson (Slave of the lamp), Harry Turner (Hi Smell), Terry Williams (Yu Pong), Ruth Willis (Fairy Tinkle bell) and Roberta Willis (Blue Bird)

“The Eric Smith Sunbeams,” a group of small children, gave a very good performance of dancing, and Eric Smith, with his partner Muriel Morris, gave an outstanding demonstration of Spanish dancing

The guest star, Miss Pearl Fawcett, Barnsley, an accordionist, gave a very entertaining performance. Pearl was placed fifth in an international contest in Germany last year, and will be travelling abroad this year. She has also appeared on television.