Five Lane Ends Tragedy

August 1947

South Yorkshire Times August 23, 1947

Five Lane Ends Tragedy

Conisbrough Woman Dies Two Months After Accident.

Doncaster District Coroner, Mr WH Carlisle, told Doncaster ice cream van driver, Randolph Bywater, 13, Waterdale, at a Conisbrough inquest yesterday:

“If you’re coming out of a minor road with a slow sign, it is your duty to come onto the major road with great care. It is no use taking chances.”

The inquest was Florence Mary Bunn (60), widow, 10 Rock Road, Park Road, Conisbrough, who died at home on Friday as a result of an accident caused in a road accident at Five Lane Ends, Edlington on June 8.

By Ambulance

A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned.

The Coroner explained to the jury that Mrs Bunn had been ill and had been attended by Dr D M Bell, Conisbrough. On April 1 she had an operation in Sheffield Royal Infirmary and returned home on April 25. She remained in bed for two or three weeks.

An June 8 she was taken out by a son in a car, and at Five Lane Ends she was involved in a collision between their son’s car and another car driven by Bywater.

She receives some injury and was taken home in an ambulance and again attended by Dr Bell. She remained in hospital about 10 days and afterwards complained of dizziness.

On August 3 she went to bed for the day and remain there until her death. Two questions Jury would have to decide was whether the injury she sustained in the collision accelerated her death.

Her son, Cyril Bunn, woodworker of 10 Rock Row, Conisbrough, stated that he approached Five Lane Ends at about 15 miles an hour; he changed into second gear and sounded his scooter twice and put out his right arm to indicate he was turning. There was one car station on the road from Edlington and he did not see another vehicle until he saw an ice cream van car, driven by Bywater, come from Clifton Lane. The cart struck in broadside any sort Bywater came out of Clifton Lane faster than he should have done. The collision swung his car completely round; his mother appeared to be shaken and the face was covered with blood. She had cuts about the face. She was seen by a Doctor and taken home by ambulance.

Hedge Block

Randall Bywater said the approach five Lane ends in third gear and sounded his scooter. He looked towards Conisbrough but did not see anything coming. He could see well down the road but owing to the hedge it was impossible to see anything near the crossroads.

When he looked again he saw Bunn’s car about one or two yards away. He applied his brakes, but was unable to avoid a collision.

The Coroner: Why did you not stop at the entrance if you could not see? – I was slowing down all the time. It is a queer corner.

Dr DM Bell, Conisbrough, said he received an urgent call in August 3 and found Mrs Bunn paralysed on the right side, indicating see cerebral haemorrhage. There was no evidence of the brain injury until that date.

Dr Peter Milligan, Doncaster pathologist, said a post mortem examination revealed a large clot of blood.