Five Records in School Sports at Conisbrough

May 1957

South Yorkshire Times: Saturday, May 25, 1957

Five Records in School Sports at Conisbrough.

Five records were broken yesterday during the annual sports of Conisbrough Northcliffe modern school, Brian Setters (14), of Conan House, broke two of them. He ran the 220 yards senior race in 25.4 seconds, 4.1 seconds better than the previous record, and the hundred yards senior race in 11.2 seconds, .8 seconds better than the previous record.

John Bray, also of Conan house, won the senior 830 in 2 minutes 31.2 secs. 0.6 secs. Better than the record. J. Spicer of Athelstane house when the senior shop with a record throw of 31 ft 5 in., 5 inches better than the previous record, and can church of Conan house when the junior throwing the cricket ball with a record phone of 173 ft. 8in.

Brian setters who took part in five races, won 4 of them and was second in the other. He was well ahead of any other competitor on points and won the Victor Ludorum cup, and also greatly helped his house to win the House Shield with 153 ½ points. Athelstane house were second with 101 points, Warren house third with 89 ½ and Cedric fourth with 67.

In the girl sports only one point separated the winning house. Only two events from the end Warren Houe went ahead on points and kept their lead. House positions were Warren 123 points, Conan 122, Cedric 78 and Athelstane.