Football Coupon Losses – Cruel Denaby Hairdresser’s Admission.

February 1912

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 12 February 1912

Football Coupon Losses.

Cruel Denaby Hairdresser’s Admission.

At the Doncaster West Riding Police Court Saturday, Albert Shirley, a Denaby pit hand, was ordered contribute 8s. per week towards the maintenance his wife and child, and his wife was granted separation order because of his persistent cruelty.

Married at Hemsworth in 1909 they had lived at Swinton, Mexborough, and Denaby. The defendant, who was a hairdresser, had been employed first in the pit. then at the railway works at Mexborough, and then in the pit again. The wife complained of his cruelty, owing to which she left him three times last year.

Defendant denied the cruelty, but when asked by Mr. Baddiley if he gambled his money away he admitted might have lost a bob two on football coupons.