For and Against.

September 1919

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 30 September 1919

For and Against.

It is not really surprising to the observant realise that if a vote was taken from Swinton through the valley to Conisborough, there would undoubtedly be an overwhelming majority in favour of amalgamation of the four places at the earliest possible moment.

Mexborough is practicaliy unanimous on the matter, while there are only few at. Swinton who are hugging tightly the old stocking, which they fear might dipped into a little deeper should Dame Amalgamation come along.

On the other side Mexborough is Denaby and there is no doubt that the colliery villagers are more than enthusiastic over the scheme.

Conisborough, however, evidently thinks that, having stood her own since the ancient times of Ivanhoe, it would be imprudent for her to offer her charms to her neighbours, although, as everyone in the valley knows, there is no more whole-hearted supporter of the scheme as a whole than the genial managing director of the Cadeby Collieries, who as chairman of the Conisborough Parish Council, is doing all he can to convert the parochial minds of the other members who sit in council with him.