Forcible Ejectment of Miners at Denaby

March 1879

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 21 March 1879

Forcible Ejectment of Miners at Denaby

On Wednesday morning last Inspector Parker from Rotherham, with a force of 18 policemen, arrived at Mexboro’ station by the 12.0 a.m. train in order to proceed to Denaby Main to eject the tenants of the Colliery Company who had some time ago received notice to quit.

Perfect order was sustained throughout the proceedings, and only in one case out of the fourteen had the police to act summarily.

An amusing sight was presented in this caseā€”the furniture of the tenant being squandered all along the road and even the pigs were turned out of comfortable quarters.

The Swinton section of police were also in attendance, but suffice it to say that their services were not in demand.