Formation of an Ambulance Class At Denaby Main

October 1887

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 14, 1887

Formation of an Ambulance Class At Denaby Main

A meeting to consider the advisability of forming branch of the St. John Ambulance was held on Wednesday evening at the Institute, Denaby Main, Mr. W. II. Chambers, manager of the colliery, in the chair.

This  The Chairman drew the attention of the audience, which was a very represenative one, to the advantages of such an station in a district populated by men who might be in daily peril of life or limb. He himself had attended similar lectures to those proposed and he had derived great benefit from them.

Dr. Wilson Martin, of Denaby Main, having apologised for the absence of Dr Sykes, also referred to the advantages be obtained from a knowledge of ambulance work, and contrasted the present state things when a pit accident occurred and there was an ambulance corps ready to give the necessary assistance, to the state of things under the old regime. These classes had worked well in the colliery districts, and they had proved a great help to medical men.

Reference was also made by the speaker- to the fact that the establishment of the branch would perhaps lead to a cottage hospital which was greatly needed in the neighbourhood.

Messrs. Rose, Gascoyne and Cramp also spoke, and Mr. John Dixon was elected secretary. The following were chose on the committee to forwelt the movement Chambers, Gascoyne, Rose Soar, W. Wright, Croft, Blunt, Cramp, E Sheldon,  Schofield, Hoyle, and H. Humphries.

It was decided to hold the first class next Monday. The classes will be conducted by Dr. Sylkes and Dr. Martin, and the latter has also kindly promised to give second course of lectures to those who were able to attend the regular ones.

Votes of than concluded the meeting.

All intending members should give their names in to the secretary,’ Mr John Dixon, at once.