Former Conisborough Man Arrears.

October 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 26, 1905

Former Conisborough Man Arrears.

A labourer named William Farah who some years ago was Conisborough cricket club’s wicket-keeper was summoned for being in arrears upon a maintenance order made upon him to contribute 1/6 per week towards the keep of his stepson William Desborough.

Superintendent Hicks stated that the defendant was Desborough stepfather, who was at present detained in a reformatory at Leeds.

An order was made upon defendant on the 2nd April in last year to contribute 1/6 per week. He was now 13 weeks in arrear, having neglected to pay the amount from 18th February to 30 September. The defendant said he did not see why he should have to pay this money, because he was not the lad’s stepfather. If he was made to pay he could find the money in a fortnight.

Superintendent Hicks stated that the defendant owed £2 8s on the order.

The chairman committed the defendant to prison for a month.