Found Drowned At Conisborough.

September 1890

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 08 September 1890

Found Drowned At Conisborough.

On Saturday afternoon the police of Conisborough were informed of the discovery of the dead body of a man in the river Don, close to the beautiful scenery surrounding Cliffs.

It was that of a well-dressed, middle-aged individual, who had apparently been in the water for some two or three weeks as the flesh was becoming decomposed. He was of light features and darkish brown hair, and on being searched, a watch and chain, 3 ½ d. in money, and summons to attend the Rotherham Police Court as witness were found upon him.

Police-constable Payne has the case in hand, and yesterday journeyed to Rotherham with the object of ascertaining the man’s name. There are several names the summons, and it is believed that the dead man is “George Cooper ” as ” Cooper” is found written in a notebook also found upon him.

An inquest will be held, probably to-day