Found in the Don – Conisborough Haulage Hand’s Sad Death.

November 1929

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 12 November 1929

Found in the Don.

Conisborough Haulage Hand’s Sad Death.

“Someone said such a big lad should be ashamed to be on the dole,” said Frederick William Hendley, of 8, Nelson Street, Edlington, when giving evidence at an inquest at Warmsworth yesterday on Frederick William Hendley (21), haulage hand, whoso body was recovered from the Don on Sunday.

The father said that the remark played on the lad’s mind, and that he went out on Saturday, and was not seen again alive.

Mrs. Hendley, mother of the deceased, said that her son returned home on Saturday, and when he found that tea was not ready he said “You have had one.” Witness denied this, but later deceased said “Well you are drunk.” Witness then picked up a dish, not intending to touch the boy, and threw it at the door. She did it in a temper. She said there had been trouble because of her drinking habits, and that her husband had remonstrated with her.

The Coroner, in returning a verdict of Suicide while of unsound mind,” said he hoped that this would be a lesson to Mrs. Hendley, and that it would have the effect of making her leave drink alone.