Fracas by Glass Blowers at Conisborough.

January 1888

Mexborough and Swinton and Times January 20, 1888

A Fracas at Conisborough.

To-day at the Doncaster West Riding Court, Harry Kelly and Thomas Kelly, glass blowers, Conisborough, were charged with assaulting Harry Morton, glass blower, and John Kelly and Luke Hunter, glass blowers, were charged with assaulting Edwin Morton, on the 16th inst.

Mr. Hall appeared for the complainants, and Mr. Hattersley for the defendants.

Harry Morton said he worked for Kilner brothers, and on the 16th inst he left work at about 4:15 o’clock, when Harry Kelly, who stood outside the yard gates, went up to him and said, “Tha’s been wanting to fight me hasn’t tha?” And witness replied, “I’ll not bother.”

Then the four defendant came up, and after some foul language, Harry Kelly struck him in the eye and “Tommy came at me and punched me in the back and brayed me about the head when I was on the floor, and Harry Kelly bit me on the ear.”

Witness went on to say that defendant followed him and threatened to “punch him over the hedge.” As I was very much swollen and his ear was bleeding.

In cross examination witness denied offering to fight “any of the lot” and throwing his cap on the ground in defiance of them.

Christopher Chappell said he saw Harry Morton leaving the works on the day in question, and corroborated the previous witness

It was stated that the complainants had been working at the Glass Bottle Works, and on coming out found defendants waiting for them. Complainant Harry came out first, and he was kicked and struck and badly injured. His brother, who went to his assistance, was also assaulted.

According to Mr. Hall the defendants had a grudge against complainants because a Mrs. Morton had bought some furniture at a sale.

In cross-examination the witnesses for complainant admitted that Harry Morton challenged the other men to fight, and without calling upon the defence, the chairman (Mr. Yarborough) said that whatever assault had been committed Harry Morton had brought it upon himself.

The case was dismissed. Cross summonses had been taken out by Kelly and Hunter.