French, Without Tears for Children, At Conisbrough

May 1968

South Yorkshire Times, May 4, 1968

French, Without Tears for Children, At Conisbrough

IN an attempt to lay a foundation for Secondary education, Mr. C.W.James, Headmaster of Morley Place Primary School Conisbrough, has introduced oral French to the school’s range of subjects.

The lessons will he taken by Mr. F. Bradley and Miss L. Bibby, both qualified language teachers, who will  teach French for 20 minutes each day.

The idea to introduce the second language for 250 pupils of the top three years, came when Mr. James thought it unwise not to use the talents of the two qualified and experienced language teachers on his staff.

“At primary level we are not going to get involved in the written language, it will be completely oral,” said Mr. James this week. The course will be run under the guidance of County Advisor for languages, Mrs. Kellerman who, with the County authorities advocated the course.


“These children will think more of taking a holiday abroad in the future,” he said. “A second language is denied to 80 per cent. of the present population and we are the losers by it.

“The older you are the more difficult is to learn another language but the younger learn more easily We hope to make a contribution to the French courses taken at secondary level and to lay some foundation.

“Fifty years ago people asked why Art should be included in a school syllabus, the thought of a child painting was thought revolutionary, but it is only another form of expression. More and more a second language is a pre-requisite to life.”

Mr. James added that there will be no examination or end product to the course but teaching colleagues will look into its value and he hoped it may spread to other primary schools.