Friendly Societies Meeting at Conisbrough

July 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 7, 1906

Friendly Societies Meeting at Conisbrough.

Subsequent to the Conisbrough hospital demonstration, a meeting of the various societies took place at the Star Inn Conisbrough, when representatives were present from the Rotherham Equalised District Order for Druids, Sheffield Equalised District Order for Druids and Sheffield independent Druids.

Bro. Alf. Hayes (“Watson’s delight.” Lodge, Mexborough) was voted to the chair, and Bro T. Black. (“Star of Hope” Lodge, Conisbrough) to the vice chair.

Eulogistic references were made to the late Bro. T. Bell, and a vote of condolence passed. The question of a proposed friendly societies outing was thoroughly discussed, and eventually it was decided to refer the matter to the Friendly Societies Council, and the secretary of the outing (Bro. Jas. Norman) write to the various lodges outside the Friendly Society Council with a view to making the affair a thorough success.

Then a further meeting of all societies and others interested was arranged to be held tomorrow (Sunday) at the old Masons Arms, Wath Road, Mexborough att 7:30 PM.