“Full House” For Last Night’s Boxing Bill at Denaby

March 1957

South Yorkshire Times March 9, 1957

“Full House”
For Last Night’s Boxing Bill at Denaby

Last night’s amateur boxing tournament at Denaby, organised by Denaby and Cadeby Collieries Boys Club and Amateur Boxing Club provided equal proportions of slogging matches, “wrestling” bouts and finer boxing.

A “Full House” so lads of all sizes and weights put up some good performances.

A decision which was not well received was that against W McKenzie (of Elmfield House) whose dexterity and footwork appeared to have beaten his opponent T Middleton (of Southey Green).

Finest bout was that between W Woodhall (Denaby and kb) and J Rogers (Elmfield House). Woodhall, a junior contestant, as all the makings of a fine boxer. His footwork for one so young is extraordinary. He constantly scored with beautifully calculated left jabs to the stomach and head.

One knockout of the evening came when K Shaw (Denaby and Cadeby) put T Myers (Southey) down in the second round of their junior contest.

Other results were: R Heenan (Denaby and Cadeby) beat K Bonser (Elmfield House) on points; J Maloney (Doncaster Plant Works), BW Hardaker (Wakefield West Riding) on points; R Elks (Denaby and Cadeby) beat D Booth (Bentley Colliery) on points; S Joyce (Denaby and Cadeby) beat V Stables (Hickleton) on points; and P Calladine (Hickleton) beat T Connolly (Denaby and Cadeby) on points.