Fullerton Hospital – Made Ends Meet By Sale Of Nurses’ Home

March 1946

South Yorkshire Times March 23, 1946

Fullerton Hospital
Made Ends Meet By Sale Of Nurses’ Home

There was a fairly representative attendance at the annual meeting of the Fullerton Hospital, held in the Miners’ Welfare Institute, Denaby Main, On Sunday, and judging by the increase in the attendance it was deemed that the transfer from the meeting day from Monday was justifiable. Coun. J. T. E. Collins (chairman), presided, and asked that the Company should stand as a token of respect for the memory of the late Col. A. M. Connell, and all those interested in the Hospital who had died in the past year.


Mr. Collins said they had been handicapped by the death of Col. Connell, but the medical staff had done exceptionally well in carrying on. They had been able to obtain the assistance of Mr. Houldsworth, of Sheffield, as consultant. He was pleased the Demonstration Committee had been reformed. They had also received assistance and support from the Angling Clubs, and Garden Society and Homing Society and they appreciated these gestures.

Financial Statement.

The financial statement for the year ended December 31st, 1945, was presented by Mr. J. Halford (manager of Denaby Colliery), the treasurer. He said the sale of the Nurses’ Home in Tickhill Street for £600 during 1944 had enabled them to have a credit balance of £291 for 1945. He pointed out increases which had had to be met. He paid tribute to the contributors from the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries, and all the other subscribers who had increased their subscriptions since last September, and also the Colliery Company who had made their donation into £1,000 for the year, including the gift of coal and light, etc.

During the year they had met an increase of £106 in foodstuffs, £230 in wages, a sun lamp, and pump, and shadowless unit had cost £234 and they had since the death of Col. Connell, issued more recommends to other hospitals which all meant extra costs.

Receipts included dividends on investments £50 10s. 4d., Contributors’ subscriptions. £5,177 18s. 4d. (of which £4,324 19s. 4d. Came from employees of the Amalgamated Denaby Collieries, Ltd.’ £267 10s. 6d. from Conisbrough Cliff Coy employees, and from individual contributors £264 8s. 2d., the rest being made from various firms in the area). Donations, £2,438 7s. 4d. (including £1,100 from the Amalgamated Denaby Collieries Ltd., and £322 18s. 10d. for coal, light, etc.).

Total revenue income for the year was £7,671 7s. 0d., and the balance brought forward from last year of £751 15s. 2d. made total receipts £8,423 2s. 2d.

Main items of expenditure were foodstuffs £1,353 17s. 4d. Ward and Theatre requisites £655 3s. 8d, X-Ray requisites £150 7s. 4d. Sun lamp and shadowless unit £334 6s. 9d., wages and salaries £2,543 6d, renewal and repairs £197 5s. 1d, fees and subscriptions £591 18s. 9d, superannuation premiums £84 7s. 5d, stationery, posting etc. £44 5s. 2d, rates and insurance £67 16s. 5d, sundry expenses £32 7s., telegrams and telephones £64 13s. 8d, pension fund payment £104, fuel, light and water as per contra for last half of 1944 £322 18s. 10d, and for 1945 £802 5s., cleaning and decorating £109 19s. 7d, electricity from Y.E.P. £26 11s. 2d, bank charges £5 6s. 9d, gratuities £42 5s, and with other small items amounting to £122 12s. 1d the total revenue payments for the year amounted to £7830 4s. 3d.

A repayment of £150 was made on the loan from the Colliery Company and this left the cash at the bank and in hand to the amount of £442 17s. 11d.

The accounts had been audited and found correct by Mr. T. C. Campbell who paid tribute to the able exposition which the treasurer had given.

Medical Report.

The medical report was given by Dr. T. Lindsay, of Mexborough, who paid tribute to Col. Connell who had done a marvellous work for the Hospital. Dr. Lindsay said they had great difficulty in maintaining a full nursing staff and thanks were due to the superb work of the Matron and her staff.
The medical report for 1945 was: Admissions 291, Out-patients 2,125, Out-patients’ daily visits 4,033, X-Rays 1,101, Ultra-violet rays 175, Physiotherapy 3,559, and deaths 16. Consultations, Mr. Connell 1,357, Miss Hatherley 604, Dr. Brody 402. Operations, Mr. Connell 78 G.A. 29 L.A. (107); Miss Hatherley 70 L.A.; Medical Staff 38 G.A., 102 L.A. (140) and 109 fractures had been treated. It was mentioned that Mr. T. Hill desired to retire from Trusteeship of the hospital and his resignation was accepted with regret and tribute paid to the good work he had done. It was suggested he be made a life member.

Mr. Wright, secretary of the Demonstration Committee, said they had several schemes on hand and would appreciate all the assistance that could be given.

Mr. S. R. Johnson (secretary) moved a vote of thanks to all associated with the maintenance and good work of the hospital.