Fullerton Hospital.

April 1929

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 16 April 1929

Fullerton Hospital.

At the annual meeting of the General Committee of Fullerton Hospital, last night, at Denaby, Mr. W. Wilkinson presiding, it was stated that the total income was £6,611.

Of this, the workpeople’s contributions were £6,072, including £5,534 from the Denaby and Cadeby colliery. The expenditure was £5,503, leaving balance of £1,108 in hand.

The chairman said that of the £6,000 borrowed, free of interest, from the colliery company for extensions and improvements at the hospital, £3,000 had now been repaid, and in reply to a question the treasurer (Mr. W. A. Still) said that but for the large expenditure in providing for the new departments at the hospital they would have paid off more than £3,000, and it was anticipated that at the end of another two years the amount would have been fully repaid.

Dr. J. McArthur said that 1,885 patients had been treated during the year at a hospital which was originally purely for accident purposes. Of the total, 1,571 were out-patients. He paid glowing tribute to the work of the staff.