The Terrible Accident at Cadeby Colliery – Funeral (video)

March 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 8, 1895

Funeral at Conisborough.

The funeral of the of the unfortunate boy Jack Oldfield, who was killed at Cadeby Main, took place at Conisborough cemetery on Sunday, in the presence of a large concourse of friends and spectators.

A more impressive ceremony has never before occurred in the parish of Conisborough. The Jewish boys Brigade, fully equipped (comrades of the diseased) marched in progression before the cortege, also simplifies and friends are members of St Peter’s Bible class, with the leader, Mr George Harrison, followed by the respective vicar, the Rev G. H. Stock, enrobed in his white surplice.

Considering the inclemency of the weather and the state of the road the attendance was very surprising. On arriving at the cemetery gate, the coffin was carried true soldier like by six of his comrades at shoulder height to the graveside.

The other little fellows, some carrying wreaths of flowers to deposit on the coffin, sang sweetly the brigade hymn, “ The Son of God goes forth to War”

The hyym “Through the night of dark and sorrow,” was also rendered.

The service was a very impressive one.