Gallant Leader – Denaby and Conisbrough Honour Mrs. L. Collins

March 1955

South Yorkshire Times, March 26, 1955

Gallant Leader
Denaby and Conisbrough Honour Mrs. L. Collins

Mrs. Lillian Collins, wife of Coun. J. T. E.: Collins and leader of the Conisbrough W. V. S. and secretary of Denaby and Conisbrough over 60s, retired from her position on Tuesday, when a presentation was made to her, in the Welfare Hall, Denaby Main.

Mrs G.N. Paling, M.P.E, M.B.E, J.P.of Doncaster, area leader of the W.V.S, speaking on behalf of the over 60s, said of Mrs.Collins, how sad they all were to be losing the services of the gallant woman, who had done her utmost to help the citizens of Denaby and Conisbrough.’

Under her quiet, efficient and understanding leadership, Mrs Collins has had the backing of every organisation in Conisbrough’ Mrs Pauling said that she would go as far as to say that Conisbrough and Denaby Darby and Joan club was not only one of the finest in the district, but was one of the finest in the country.

The president of the club, Mr Tom Hill, spoke of Mrs.Collins as always being ready to aid and help those who were unable to help themselves; she was a type of person who would never keep still when there were things to be done.

The Vicar of Denaby, the Rev. A.V.Roebuck, said how very pleased he was to have been invited along to Mrs.Collins presentation and to be able to speak of such a well-respected woman. He went on to say that Mrs.Collins had dedicated her life to social work and to the service of others. “What Mrs. Collins has done in the past will be a lasting inspiration for her success to carry on in the same way in the future.

Mr. W. Ross, the club treasurer said that the perfect teamwork, under the leadership of Mrs. Collins has been the absolute making of Denaby and Conisbrough over 60s club.


The Chairman, Mr. H. Rich, made the presentation to Mrs. Collins on behalf of the over 60s, the W. V. S., Trustees of the Denaby Welfare Club and Institute and Mr. Tom Hill. Mrs. Collins received a fireside chair and a travelling clerk in a leather case. She said, “It is most difficult to express how one feels at these times. I wish to thank you all for the wonderful speeches you have made, and for the beautiful chair and clock which has been presented to me. I should never have been able to carry on in my duties without the never failing help of the W.V.S. and Mr Tom Hill, who is always willing to help in any difficulty and is always ready to stand by and give advice to those in need of it.”

Mrs. Collins has been succeeded by Mrs. Florence Goodier. Mrs Paling said that it would be consolation to Mrs. Collins to know that Mrs. Goodier had taken over duties from her, Mrs. Goodier had taken a very active part in the forming of the over 60s club, and was very well known and respected throughout Denaby and Conisbrough.

After the presentation, a concert was held, the entertainment being provided by Miss Ellie Yayne, Miss Ann Sellers and Mr. John Harrot and members of Denaby Glee club.