Gallant Sufferer – Denaby Loses Smiling Boy Cripple

January 1950

South Yorkshire Times January 21, 1950

Gallant Sufferer

Denaby Loses Smiling Boy Cripple

A little boy with a smile for everyone died at his own at Denaby Main last Thursday. Christopher Campbell Davidson (10) had been crippled from birth with a spinal defect, paralysing the waist down, it only once in his life was he known to complain.

Thought for Mother

The day before his death, while in severe pain he noticed the tears of his widowed mother, Mrs. Mabel Davison, and turning to her said:

“Oh, Mummy, I don’t want to upset you.”

Many people in Denaby will remember his happy smiling face under a mass of tumbling fair hair as he was wheeled to and from Rossington Street School each day, accompanied by a host of schoolmates. Others will remember his laugh as he was raced around the playground in his bath-chair, always the centre of attention for scholars and teachers alike.

Reading, knitting, handwork and embroidery were his favourite occupations in quieter moments. He was able to quote whole passages from the Bible by heart, and only a day or two before he died completed a purse for his cousin and a bookmark for his aunt.

Christopher was always very fond of plays and concerts, but his greatest thrill was in visiting a pantomime. This year he accompanied a school party to see “Peter Pan ” On trips and outings of this kind he was always collected from his own doorstep by a coach. At school concerts a special place was reserved for him in the hall to make sure that he had good view.

On Sunday afternoons he accompanied his elder brother to the Bible Class at Denaby Parish Church Sunday School.

The funeral at Denaby Parish Church was conducted by the Rev. A. V. Roebuck, and two favouritechildren’s hymns were sung.

Representatives attended from day school and Sunday School