Gambling at Conisborough

August 1890

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 August 1890

Gambling at Conisborough

Four boys, named Samuel Hughes, William Hughes, Henry Alfred Everitt and Christopher Everitt, were charged with having played at pitch and toss at Conisborough.

P.c.’s Drury and Payne gave evidence. They stated that they saw the youths in a field tossing up copper coins, and passing money. They were about twenty yards away, behind the hedge. The offence was committed on the previous Sunday afternoon at 3.15 and was on the North Cliff. When they saw they were being approached by the officers they absconded.

The boys denied the offence, and said they were lying on the ground together; that they had no money.

In answer to Mr. Baines, the officers said they did not search the boys.

Superintendent Blake said they had no right to search them.

A father of two of the boys slid his lads had no money. It was not strange that the boys should run away when the bobbies went crawling along the hedge after them. It was enough to make them run. (Laughter.)

A father of the other two lads said he did not believe in pitch and toss, and he should not have been in the court for his boys that day if he thought them guilty.

The Chairman said the magistrates believed the boys to be guilty, and it was very sad to see boys like them summoned for gambling, it would get them into more serious trouble at some time if they did not mind. He hoped it would a sufficient warning to them.

Ordered to pay the coats 7s 6d. in each case.