Gambling at Conisborough

May 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 May 1891

Gambling at Conisborough

John Birch, Ben Thicket, John Whitehead and Thomas Kelly, pony drivers, of Mexborough were charged with gambling with cards.

Police Sergeant Carr deposed that on Sunday, the third inst, about 4:20 years on duty on Conisborough Cliffs with police constables Drury and Drummond.

The boys were sitting on the footpath playing ” Nap.” They ran for a quarter of a mile when they saw the officers, but they were recognised and the summonses were issued to them

Police constable Drury corroborated, and said they saw money pass between the lads.

Whitehead said there was no money passed between them.

Whitehead, who had been before the court previously, was fined  2s 6d and costs, and the others had to pay  8s 6d costs.