Gambling at Conisborough

May 1892

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 20, 1892

Gambling at Conisborough

William Hanks, miner: Edward Mills, sinker; and William Hayes, miner, all of Conisborough, was charged with having gambled with cards at Conisborough, on Sunday the 8th inst.

Mills did not appear.

It was stated that, at 3.15 on the day named, the defendant and others were seen committing the offence complained of; money was frequently passing between them, for the officer watch for quarter  of an hour. He saw Hayes put the cards in his pocket.

Hayes denied that he had the cards.

The Chairman said this practice of gambling was one of the greatest nuisances throughout the district where the defendants came from.

A fine of 15 shillings, including costs, was imposed in each case.