Gambling at Conisbro.’ – Hard Swearing.

September 1890

Sheffield Independent – Monday 08 September 1890

Gambling at Conisbro.’

 Hard Swearing.

On Saturday, at Doncaster, Geo. Wm. Dickenson, Geo. Arthur Glenn, Jas. Butler, Joseph Hilton, and Henry Sanderson, glass blowers, of Conisbro’, were charged with having gambled with cards at Conisbro’.

Mr. Pawson, solicitor, appeared for the defence.

Police-constables Drury and Payne swore to seeing the lads playing at nap on a public footpath in the village on a Sunday afternoon.

The boys deliberately swore that they were only sitting down ” telling connundrums,” and that they had no cards with them.

Mr. Yarbrougb. (the chairman) said it was evident that most deliberate perjury was being committed by one side or the other. The Bench believed the policemen, and a fine of 2s. 6d. and costs was imposed.