Gaming at Conisborough

May 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 26, 1906

Gaming at Conisborough

John Armstrong, Frank Potts, Alfred Spruce, James Healey, George Moxon, Horace Deakin, all mine; Frank Gibbons, labourer; Henry Lightfoot, blacksmith; and James Barnes, tipster, were charged with gaming with coins and tossing, at Conisborough on May 13.

All the defendants, with the exception of Potts, failed to appear.

PC Wailes stated that at 4 PM on the date in question he was the company Sgt Horton on the Cliffs at Conisbrough, when he saw the defendants gaming with coins. He watched them for fully 20 minutes and during that time saw coins tossed in the air and bets made on the result.

One of the defendants shouted, “We got the – – – – tip you were coming, but you never saw us tossing.”

PS Horton corroborated.

Potts was fined 5/-and costs; Armstrong 10/6 costs; Healey 5/-and costs; the others 2/6 and costs each.