Gaming With Cards at Denaby Main

July 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 20, 1888

 Gaming With Cards at Denaby Main

Edward Oakley and John Killachy with some of the game with cards at Denaby Main on the first instance in a public place.

In answer to the charge Oakley said they were not playing, though the constable took some cards off him. Killachy also pleaded not guilty; he said he played cards, but did not gamble.

Police constable Midgley said on Sunday, the first of the present month he was on duty in Denaby in company with Police Constable’s Spibey.

A little after 11 o’clock in the morning they went towards Cliff view. There they saw the defendants Oakley and Killachy; they were sitting down on the ground, and appeared to be playing cards. Witness and Spibey then went behind some outbuildings and got within two or 3 yards away from defendants were. Then they saw the defendants gaming with cards, and when they came out Oakley picked up the card and put them in his pocket.

Witness afterwards took them out.

Police constable Spibey corroborated.

Killachy denied having gamble for money, and said he had never been in a court before. Oakley who had previously been fined, last year, 10 shillings for gaming, was on this occasion fined 12 shillings including costs and Killachy 10 shillings including costs or seven days each.