Garden Of Rest Work has Begun at Conisbrough.

January 1957

South Yorkshire Times, January 19th, 1957.

A Garden Of Rest Work has Begun at Conisbrough.

Conisbrough Urban Council workmen have commenced work on a Garden of Rest at the top end of the Churchyard.

The Vicar of Conisbrough, the Rev. G. F. Braithwaite, told a ‘South Yorkshire Times’ reporter on Tuesday that the garden was being made on land belonging to the Church.

The Garden is to be fronted by a dwarf brick wall of sand-faced yellow coloured brickwork with a soil space in the centre for flowers. There is to be a recess for a post box and telephone kiosk. A guard barrier will be provided for the front of the new footpath to prevent pedestrians crossing the road at the point of the bend.

A screen of trees will be provided to shield the Garden from the existing adjacent property.

Mr. Chadwick said that part of the land will be used for a footpath in connection with the proposed road widening scheme. This scheme, which will be given consideration in the 1957-58 estimates, will cost £1,100 and involves widening the road at the acute bend in Church Street near where the Garden of Rest is being made. When the scheme is carried out the church steps will be altered to fit in with the new arrangement.

The Vicar said that in connection with the road widening scheme at least two of the big lime trees would have to go and it would also involve the removal of the remains in two graves and these remains would be re-interred in the cemetery.

Mr. Braithwaite said the Churchyard was closed in 1893 by an Act of Parliament and was now full.