German Girl Arrives (picture)

March 1949

South Yorkshire Times March 12, 1949

German Girl Arrives

This week Irmgard Greve, 19 year old teleprinter operator from Hamburg, Germany, arrived in England to stay at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Fanshaw Bolton Road. Wath-on-Dearne

Irmgard has been writing to Mr. and Mrs. Fanshaw’s son, Stuart, for more than 18 months, and is very happy to have this opportunity of visiting the family.

She is very fond of music and is looking forward to hearing the Halle Orchestra concert and seeing “Song of Norway” during her stay here

Irmgard, who speaks very good English, told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter that she has been much impressed by the quality of the food in England. In Hamburg the bread ration is one loaf per person per month, and it is dark brown in colour. Clothes are so dear that they are only available to the very rich.

Irmgard is looking forward to seeing her brother, Bernie, when he comes to England in about a fortnight to stay with a pen-friend, Lucy Walker, and her family at Conisbrough.