German Rang Conisbrough’s Once “Invasion” Bells

September 1950

South Yorkshire Times September 9, 1950

German Rang Conisbrough’s Once “Invasion” Bells

Where once the ringing of church bells in Conisbrough would have meant a German in­vasion, there was a more pleasant aspect to it at the week-end, when a German woman rang the bells.

She was Mrs. E. Wilson, wife of Mr. Rowland Wilson, of High Green, organist of Wortley Parish Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were visiting Conisbrough, and were shown round the church. Mrs. Wilson who is a keen campanologist, and is the only ringer at Wort­ley, picked out one of Conisbrough church’s heaviest bells, weighing about 14 hundred­weight and said she would like to toll it. She did so and tried several other bells also. One of Conisbrough’s regular bell-ringers, Mr. Sam Harrison, who turned up to find out why the bells were ringing, was so enthusiastic that he would have liked to have “signed” Mrs. Wilson on the spot.