Germans in Successful Denaby Youth Sports

August 1950

South Yorkshire Times August 12, 1950

Germans in Successful Denaby Youth Sports

Not until the final event of the day—the boys’ relay—was the championship of Denaby and District Youth Sports decided on Monday. Tom Hill Youth Club 115 points) and Hickleton Main Youth Club (108) could have ended by drawing for first place had Hickleton won the relay and Denaby been third. Denaby won, and Hickleton’s team, formed and entered on the spot, was beaten into third place by Conisbrough Co-operative Youth Club, whose final 28 points were the result of a brave enough effort in the club’s first year of formation.

For Hill Cup

The Denaby captain, Barry Stapleton, was presented with Tom Hill Challenge Cup by Mr, John Halford, agent for Cadeby and Denaby Collieries. The cup has been presented by Mr. Tom Hill for competition by local youth clubs at the sports, and Denaby are the first club to win it. Mr. Hill was unable to make the presentation owing to illness.

The sports—second of their kind—were organised by the Tom Hill Youth Club and held on Denaby and Cadeby cricket ground. They were run under N.C.A.A. rules, and starters were Mr. T. Smith and Mr. C. J. Pickett.

There was an international flavour to two of the events. This was given by the non-competitive entry of two of the twelve German visitors to Denaby who returned from Germany with members of the Tom Hill Youth Club last week. Wolfgang Radenach ran fourth in the mile and Helmet Grosheim cleared 19 ft 2 in. in the long jump.

The standard of running, jumping and field events was high all through the programme, in spite of the rain and drizzle and the cricket club must have been envious of the crowd that watched the sports.


80yds. (boys under 15): 1 Shackleton (H.M.), 2 Charleton (H.M.);
High jump (boys under 21): 1 Johnson (Con.), 5ft. 2in., 2 Ward (T.H.), 3 Squires (T.H.);
Rounders ball (girls under 21): 1 F. Platts (H.M.), 2 G. Goddard (T.H.), 3 E. Goodhill (MM.):
Long jump (boys under 18): 1 Medley (T.H.) 18ft. 51n., 2 Taylor (T.H.) 18ft, 31n., 3 Wademan 17ft. 10in.
880yds. (boys under 21):1 Hill (H.M.), 2 Holt (T.H.), 3 Harper;
60yds skipping (girls under 15): 1 M. Cartledge (H.M.), 2 S. Burns (KM.), 3 M. Croft (H.M.);
80yds.skipping (girls under 18): 1 F. Platts, 2 S. Peters (T.H.), 3 M. Day;
Threading the needle (girls under 21): 1 S. Hayes (H.M.), 2 V. Frost (T.H.);
Mile walk (boys, open): Squires (T.H.), Crump (T.H. )’ Holt (T.H.);
Obstacle race (boys under 13): 1 Green (T.H.), 2 Stapleton (T.H.), 3 Peters (T.H.).
100yds. (girls under 18): 1 F. Platts and E. Goodhill, 3 B. Drury (H.M.);
100yds. (girls under 21): 1 F. Platts, 2 J. Mellor (H.M.), 3 E. Goodhill;
80yds. (girls under 13): 1 B. Wise (H.M.), 2 P. Hazeldene (H.M.), .3 L. Cheesman (T.H.);
440yds. (boys under 18): 1 Medley (T.H.) 55 secs., 2 Gill (T.H.), 3 Taylor (T.H.);
160yds. (girls under 18): 1 E. Goodhill and S. Hayes, 3 B. Drury.
Cross-country: 1 Shackleton (H.M.), 2 Bates (T.H.), 3 Whitehouse (T.H.);
Team: 1 Tom Hill (10 points), 2 Hickleton Main (5pts.), 3 Conisbrough (3pts.) ;
Shot (boys under 21): 1 Squires, 2 Johnson;
Shot (boys under 18): 1 Squires, 2 Crump, 3 Wademan-43ft. 1in.;
100yds. (boys under 21): 1 Lumley (H.M.), 2 Ward (T.H.), 3 Mellor (H.M.);
Mile (boys under 21): 1 Shackleton, 2 Warrington, 3 Holt (T.H.);
100yds. (boys under 18): 1 Lumley, 2 Cox (H.M.), 3 Barstow (H.M.).
Netball (girls under 21); 1 J. Gibbs (H.M.), 2 E. Reeve (T.H.), 3 S. Peters (T.H.) ;
880yds. (boys under 21): 1 Panther (T.H.), 2 Warrington (H.M.), 3 Shackleton;
High jump (boys under 21): 1 Johnson, 2 Turton (T.H.);
High jump (girls under 18): 1 M. Smith (H.M.), 2 P. Ward (H M.), 3 S. Ford.
220yds. (boys under 21): 1 Turton, 2 Ward, 3 Mellor;
Cricket ball (boys under 21): 1 Crump .(T.H.), 93yds.,2 Callaghan (Con.) 76 yds., 3 Wademan 73yds.;
80 yds. (boys under 13): 1 B. Earp (T.H.), 2 Farriday, 3 Beavers
80yds (girls under 15) 1 M Beavers (H.M.) 2 M Cartledge, 3 M Croft
Long jump (girls under 18): 1 M. Beavers, 2 J. Mellor, 3 S. Peters;
Hop, step and jump (boys under 15): 1 Gill, 2 Meredith (T.H.), 3 Rushton (T.H.).