Gipsy’s ‘Warning’ Was a Pleasant One at Conisbrough

March 1958

South Yorkshire Times March 22, 1958

Gipsy’s ‘Warning’
Was a Pleasant One at Conisbrough

A gipsy selling flowers in Conisbrough on Saturday forecast that Miss Hilda Wray of 13, Prior Road, would win some money this week.

On Tuesday that forecast came true, for Miss Wray, a 32 years old health visitor, won £7,429 14s on a Treble Chance Pool.

Miss Wray lives with her widowed mother, Mrs. Clara Wray. She is eldest of four daughters of Mrs Wray. Miss Wray has been filling in her coupon regularly for several years. She last had a win a few years ago. It was £1.

With some of the money from the big win Miss Ray hopes to buy a car to help her in her work as a health visitor.