Globe Palace – Charlie Chaplin (video)

October 1915

Mexborough Times – October 16th

Globe Palace

Excellent pictures have been screened during this week, and great satisfaction expressed with the two features on Monday in “Rods of Wrath”and “the Secret of the Ring.” Both exceptionally strong dramas with a popular tone of sensationalism. PatheĀ“s Gazette gave topical news with the landing of some thousands of German prisoners at Southampton, and other interesting items.

Charlie Chaplin in “Making A Living.” was good as usual, and a coloured interest picture greatly appreciated.

(Video from Utube)

Charlie Chaplin in Making a Living

On Thursday the local expectation was gratified in the screening of the popular ideal exclusive, entitled “Every Woman Should Know.” And it proved to be a really fine drama, the strong moral teaching, more convincing than the greatest of pulpit sermons.

“A Broken Life,” drama, and Wiffles and the Manicure Go.” (Coloured comedy) were both to local taste, and Charlie Chaplin’s reappearance in “the property man” gave equal pleasure to that of its original exhibition.

Next week a great spectacular subject is starred, “if I were king.” And been produced in beautiful coloured photography, is bound to give great pleasure to all patrons.

The Oaklawn Handicap is a great drama and exceptionally popular. “The Noise Of Bombs” is one of the famous Keystone comedies, and “Charlie By The Sea.” Will feature the world-renowned Charlie Chaplin. On Thursday. “A woman went forth,” is a strong story, showing how a woman learned the error of their ways.

“Safe from the sea” is another two-part feature of dramatic interest and sensation. “The King visit to Leeds.” And PatheĀ“s Gazette, who both prove interesting, along with a fine coloured travel subject., They will be well sustained by “When Ciderville Went Dry,” and “The Plumber”, the latter being another fine Keystone.

Altogether, both programs will compare favourably with any shown in the country, and Conisbrough people are advice to see them both and judge for their cells