Globe Palace Programme – Charlie Chaplin Competition (video)

July 1915

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 10, 1915

Globe Palace

The present weeks programme at this popular cinema contained the concluding episode of “The Trey o’ Hearts,” which kept up the reputation of this remarkable serial for innumerable thrills and surprises redeeming the interest of all throughout the 15 weeks stop

The star picture, “underneath the paint,” in three reels was splendid, and Pathin’s Gasette added to its reputation; whilst “Tilly and the nut” supplied the successor comedy to great satisfaction.

On Thursday another great exclusive was screened in “Fata’s Boundling” in four parts, supported by four other remarkably good subjects.

Next weeks bill contains many of the worlds best subjects, amongst which is undoubtable the film adaption of “1914” by “Rita.” The most popular novelist. The story is tropical, being woven round this terrible war, and the three parts are absorbing in interest and excitement, and will be greatly appreciated by all picture lovers.

The other star “Ridgeway of Montana” is set in the mow-clad mountains of California. And its three parts are abonding in beautiful scenery, whilst , the story keen business competition is depicted in surprising situations which will delight their audience, a full programme of strong dramas and popular comedies, along with the latest additions to Pathe’s gazette, promises well over two hours excellent entertainment.

An innovation for this week is a Charlie Chaplin competition, which takes place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and the final on Friday night. Cash prizes of 15s. and 5s. will be given for the best impersonations of that world famed cinema comedian, who, we learn, will shortly be screened in the six reel comedy “Tilly’s punctured romance,” at this theatre, where a Chaplin comedy will be shown weekly for several months.