Sailor – Goddard, C Lce-Corpl – Denaby Hero Killed (picture)

September 1915

Denaby Hero Killed

Lance Cpl, C.Goddard, Denaby
6th, Yorks And Lancs. Killed

Of 28 Cliff view, Denaby main, has died of wounds received at the Dardanelles on August 31. He was a member of the primitive Methodist Bible class at Mexborough.

His father has received the following letter from the reverent Percy W. Searle, a Wesleyan Chaplain:

“I’m very sorry to inform you that your body, Charles Goddard, passed away in the Royal Naval Hospital (Malta) early yesterday morning.

He had received a machine gun wound in the arm, and septic poisoning set in. To attempt to save his life the arm was amputated, but lock-jaw set in, and in spite of the faithful and untiring efforts of doctor and nurses, who struggled hard to save his life, he passed away quietly at 3 a.m.

I laid him to rest in the beautiful naval cemetery at Capuchini last evening, and a bodyguard of blue jackets paid him last honours. I hardly dare try to imagine your grief, they may the knowledge that he did is best for his country and his God support you in this dark time.”