Golden Wedding – Mr & Mrs Cooke, Denaby Main

January 1966

South Yorkshire Times, January 1 , 1966

Golden Wedding.

Two people well known in Denaby Main who quietly celebrated their golden wedding at their home on Monday were Mr and Mrs J. W. Cooke of 10. Wheatley Street, who were married at the then Wesleyan Church, (now Epworth Hall) by the rev Nicolas J Willis.

So far as Mr and Mrs Cooke know, only one other person is alive today who attended the wedding, and that is Mr and Mrs Wheeliker, Conisbrough of 10 Wheatley Street of Conisbrough, who until last year lived in Denaby Main.

Mrs Cooke has lived in the village for over 60 years and Mr Cooke came to Denaby in 1912 to take an official position at Denaby Main colliery and he remained an official until his retirement a few years ago. There are both well-known for their work with the St John ambulance Brigade and both have served for over 50 years. Mr Cooke received his first aid certificate in 1909 and Mrs Cooke 1912.

They both hold long service medals and Mr Cooke is an Honorary serving brother and Mrs Cooke an honorary-serving sister of the Order of St John. Mrs Cooke retired a short time ago as an ambulance officer of the Denaby Brigade and in September 1964 Mrs Cooke retired from the post of Superintendent of the Nursing Division, which she had held longer than any of her predecessors both Mr and Mrs. Cooke certificates have over 45 years’ service. They have received many messages of congratulations.