Good Boxing at Denaby

February 1950

South Yorkshire Times February 11, 1950

Good Boxing at Denaby

Denaby Tom Hill Youth Centre, celebrated their first anniversary stage another highly successful boxing tournament on Saturday, and the standard of the boxing was excellent throughout

Boys from Denaby, Doncaster, Sheffield and Nottinghamshire took part, and the keenness of two dimimitive contestants in the ” house-warmer ” set the Pace for the rest of the programme.

Main fight of the evening was between two lightweight champions, D. Stone, of Sutton, the Notts champion, and the N. Area N.C.R. champion, C. Harrison, of Steel, Peech and Tozer. Although Stone boxed well, especially at long range, he was no match for Harrison. The southpaw’s win was rarely in doubt, and proved very popular.

Laurence, of Steel, Peech and Tozer, standing in for Martin Higgins, in a four-round bout against C. Zernontas, of Pardon, gave a good show of aggressive punching to win.

Results: Maloney (Doncaster) beat Watkins (Denaby) – Maloney’s 17th successive win;

Richardson (Denaby) beat Pearson (Doncaster); Connolly (Denaby) beat Bilelough (Doncaster); Shore (Sutton) beat Doherty (Bull Farm): Caunt (Sutton) beat Connell (Mansfield ); Baker (Doncaster) beat O’Neill (Denaby); Vincent (Brodsworth) beat Williams (Denaby); Pettit (Doncaster) beat Goddes (Sutton).

One of the visitors was Doncaster’s Billy Caroll

The prizes were presented by the Anniversary Queen, Miss Vera Chatfield and M.C. was Mr Tom Raybould (Doncaster)