Good Friday at Conisbro’

April 1889

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 26, 1889

Good Friday at Conisbro’

This greater favourite pleasure result was on Good Friday visited by a greater crowd than has been known for years. This was doubtless due to the fine weather, and the fact that a larger number of excursion trains than usual run from Sheffield

Many thousands of persons thronged the village from South and West Yorkshire, especially from the Doncaster and the Barnsley district.

There was the usual array of stalls, swings, shows etc. but although the streets were in a state of perfect Babel, the romantic cliffs and castle ruins were a greater attraction.

The Castle keep has been rendered safe for visitors since last year, a landing has been provided, while on the summit is a railing which removes any liability to accident to the more venturesome visitors.

The rule now is to make a small charge for admission by the caretaker, who lives in a house on the grounds

Tea, on an extensive scale, was provided, as usual, by the Mexborough primitive Methodist.

Boating was largely resorted to, while others prefer to perambulate the woods and dale