Good Neighbours – Get Conisbrough Miner On His Feet

April 1956

South Yorkshire Times, April 7 1956

Good Neighbours
Get Conisbrough Miner On His Feet.

Expecting not to walk again after an accident in Cadeby colliery, Mr John Charles Brown, 53, Park Road, Conisbrough, has been given “new life” by the neighbours and friends in Park Road.

Since he came out of Mexborough Montagu Hospital after his accident in January, 48-year-old Mr Brown who had a badly smashed thigh and leg, has been helped to walk by his neighbours. They have taken shifts to help him take walks round the kitchen table and then about the house and gradually they have got him walking on sticks.

“The neighbours have made all the difference; the difference between me been in the churchyard or here” said Mr Brown, “and although the Montagu Hospital staff did a grand job on me, it is my friends who have got me going again.”

The neighbours who did the good work are Mr and Mrs Oliver Saville, Mr and Mrs Richard Cooper and Mr William Globe. 73 years old Mr Saville who went to visit and help Mr Brown said “I had an accident in the pit 32 years ago and I know what it is like, so I do my best for him.”