Good old Mexborough, Denaby, and Conisborough,

July 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 20 July 1931

“Good Old Mexborough.”

Miners’ Support for Hospital.

Let your slogan be ‘Good old Mexborough, Denaby, and Conisborough,’ and not ‘is Conisborough mean ?’ said Mr. VV. H. Watson- Smith, of Beighton (formerly manager of the Denaby Main Colliery), when he addressed the 9th Hospital Demonstration at Denaby Main yesterday.

Why do you need a hospital demonstration ?” he further remarked, “when you are having one every week ? For your contributions at the pits for the hospitals last week amounted to £76. If every hospital in the country had the same opportunities, there would be no need to cry out for assistance.” It was, he said, privilege for him to visit Denaby once again.

Colonel Connell, of Sheffield, consulting surgeon to the Fullerton Hospital, Denaby, endorsed Mr. Smith’s remarks. Other speakers were Mr. Tom Williams, M.P. for the Don Valley; and Mr. R, H. Johnson (Mexborough).