Grand Concert at Denaby Main by Orchestral Society (videos)

May 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 14 1897

Grand Concert at Denaby Main

Yesterday evening a grand concert was given in the Denaby Main new schools, by the Orchestral Society, connected with that place.

There was a tolerably large and very appreciative audience, the artistes were Miss May Soar (soprano), Miss Anne Parker, of Rotherham (contralto), Mr A. E. Simmonite, of Rotherham (tenor), leader of the band, Mr James Sharpe; accompanist, Mr J. A. Rowell, and conductor Mr Moses Soar.

The programme, which was creditably rendered throughout, was as follows: –

Overture by the band; “Morning, noon and night in Vienna” (suppe);

Song, “The flight of ages,” (Bevan), by Miss Parker;

Gavotte by the band, “Old comedy” (bogetti);

Ballad, “Once again” (Sullivan), Mr Simonite, encore;

Haydn’s “Surprise Symphony” by the band;

Song, “Star of Bethlehem” (Adams), Miss M. Soar, encore;

Nautical selection by the band, “life on the ocean,” (blinding); song, “the dear homeland” (Slaughter), Miss Parker;  *

Overture by the band, “Caliph of Baghdad” (Boieldieu);  *

Song, “The holy city” (Adams), Miss M. Soar, encore; *

Song, “The soft southern breeze” (Barnby) Mr Simmonite; f

Fantasia by the band “Festialia” (Williams).

Special mention should be made by Miss May Soar, a young lady about 15 years of age. She possesses an excellent voice, and is evidently being trained how to use it. The ease with which she takes her top notes is remarkable. With continued care, attention, and perseverance she will make one of the best sopranos in the neighbourhood. We wish her every success.

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