Great Woman

February 1970

South Yorkshire Times, February 28, 1970

Great Woman

Special memories of a Conisbrough woman have been revived, firstly by the death last month of Gladys Aylward, `The Small Woman’, and then with the repeat on television on Sunday of the film based on her life story.

For Mrs. Edith Lowe, of 25, Park Road, Conisbrough, met the world famous missionary when she was in Hong Kong early in 1968.

Mrs. Lowe was visiting her son Gerald, who is a veterinary surgeon there. She attended church in Hong Kong, where Gladys Aylward was guest of the Vicar.

At a meeting of the Church Mothers’ Union, Mrs. Lowe heard Gladys Aylward speak of her work. Later they met and talked.

In Chinese

Among the many treasures Mrs. Lowe has collected on her visits to her son’s home is the famous woman’s autograph, written in both English and Chinese.

Mrs. Lowe said that since that date she has avidly collected newspaper stories about Miss Aylward and has re-read the book ‘The Small Woman’.

She said, “She was a modest woman, full of energy, and dynamic. She was also humorous.”

And when the film “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness’ was shown on television at the week-end all her memories were revived.

“It was a wonderful performance—just like Gladys Aylward,” she concluded.