Gross Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Pit.

February 1889

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 12 February 1889

Gross Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Pit.

William Larriger, pony driver, was summoned for cruelty to a pony at Denaby, on February 1st.

On the day in question Wm. Froggatt was driving a pony, and it was necessary to stop at the jinney top whilst some work was going on in the jinney. Defendant came up with another pony, and wished to get past the one that Froggatt was driving. He took up an iron locker and ran it into the pony’s body several times. The animal bled severely. The ill-treatment occurred at half-past seven, and when the pony reached the stables at the bottom of the shaft at half past ten o’clock it was still bleeding, and had not worked since.

The Chairman said that of all the cruel and abominable cases the bench bad had before them, he did not remember one worse than this. They were very sorry they could not order the defendant to be whipped.

They sentenced him to prison for one month with hard labour.