Ground Improvements at Denaby and Mexborough.

4 June 1921

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 04 June 1921

Ground Improvements at Denaby and Mexborough.

The Denaby and Mexborough football grounds are at present the scenes of great activity. Operations are being conducted on a large scale, and the object is to improve the playing pitches and the accommodation of these enclosures, and scores of men, many of them supporters of the clubs, are taking part in the work.

The work of levelling the playing pitches is well advanced, and it is hoped to complete it in a few weeks.

At Mexborough the committee themselves are out to reduce the existing gradient of the ground, so that it will be hardly perceptible, and at Denaby, where four steam lorries have been requisitioned, the whole surface is being torn up and relaid, while the playing pitch is to be widened by five yards and the stand accommodation is to be improved.