Soldiers – Haggar – Conisbrough Fighting Family (pictures)

October 1915

Conisbrough’s Fighting Family

Cllr and Mrs N.G.Haggar, Paardeburg Cottages, Low Road, Conisbrough have four soldier sons and a son-in-law serving their King and country.

Tom and Joe Haggar, with H Wilburn (son-in-law), were drafted to Alexandria and the Dardanelles, after three months training.

Bob and Will Haggar joined Kitchener’s Army soon after the outbreak of war and took part in the recent big victory in France. “Bob”was a ‘shining light’ of the St Peter’s football club.

Of the action on the 25th and 26th of September he says:

“We had our first go at the Germans. I saw sights I shall never forget. Our officers were heroes, leading the way and shouting orders, heedless of the deadly fire. It poured, bullets and shrapnel. Our captain went under, two officers were wounded, and also a lot of my pals.

We are having a rest now. I don’t know when we shall go into action again. I feel sure it was prayer that got me through.

I never want another `do´again.”

Wilfred Haggar              Bob Haggar            Joe Haggar                     Tom Haggar           Hy Wilburn

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