Hancock Transferred – Clever Inside-Right for Liverpool.

12 January 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 05 January 1931

Hancock Transferred.

Clever Gainsborough Inside-Right for Liverpool.

After their match with Bradford City Reserves on Saturday, Gainsborough Trinity transferred Edward Hancock, their dashing young inside-right, to Liverpool, at what stated to be a good figure for a Midland League player.

Hancock, one of the fastest forwards Gainsborough have had for many years, is a native of Denaby. He played for Denaby United, before joining Gainsborough, together with other Denaby players, at the start of this season.

On the small side, Hancock possesses remarkable ball control, and against Bradford on Saturday he drew the opponents’ defence time after time. Robinson, Gainsborough’s centre-forward, scored three goals as a direct result of his work.

Hancock is a son of a former manager of Denaby United.


Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 27 February 1931

Hancock for Liverpool

Edward Hancock the tireless inside forward who did such a lot of useful work for Denaby last season and has been playing with conspicuous success for Gainsborough Trinity this season was, on Saturday, after Gainsboro’s match with Bradford City Reserves, transferred to Liverpool at what we understand to be a good figure.

From Denaby United to Liverpool in less than two seasons is rapid promotion, especially as Hancock is only 20 years old. He is not exceptionally big, being about 5ft. 8in. in height, but is strongly built, weighing about list., possesses excellent control as well as stamina, and is one of the fastest forwards Gainsboro’ have had for years.