Hand-Washing Complaint

June 1956

South Yorkshire Times, June 23rd, 1956

Hand-Washing Complaint
Conisbrough Queries

Ald. B. Roberts told Conisbrough Primary School Managers last night they had had complaints of teachers at certain schools preventing children from going into cloakrooms to wash their hands.

Ald. Roberts did not know whether this was because clothing had been missing or if damage had been done, but thought it wrong, especially with diseases prevalent.

Mrs. A. E. Stimson thought the complaint applied to modern schools where prefects were on duty, especially at break-time, and had to keep the children from going into cloakrooms. She thought prefects should be told to let children wash their hands after using the toilet.

Mr. E. Hewson, Deputy Divisional Education Officer, could not understand why this arose, unless there had been horseplay.

Mr. Hewson added that the authority had stressed the importance of hygiene and cleanliness of washing hands.