Have Their Own Rabbits

July 1968

South Yorkshire Times July 13, 1968

Have Their Own Rabbits

Conisbrough’s youngest rabbit experts have lost the last of their litter, but are already making plans to mate their doe, Binkle.

Raymond Kinsey, Simon Oxby and John Haigh, fourth year pupils of Morley Place Junior School, Conisbrough, have kept the rabbits in hutches in a corner of the school playground ever since the Baptist minister, the Rev. C. Keogan, gave the school a doe and a litter of six.

They now plan to breed more by mating Binkle with Flip, father of the first litter.

“All children are interested in animals,” said Headmaster, Mr. C. W. James. “Educationally they develop an element of kindness to animals, a spiritual aspect. They give up their week-ends to feed the rabbits and then show them round the school. The rabbits have become the centre of interest; the children write about them and paint them.”