He holds Rhineland Middleweight Title (picture)

February 1960

South Yorkshire Times, February 15.

He holds Rhineland Middleweight Title.

Following in father’s footsteps – that’s Lance Cpl Phillip Pratt, who home is in Conisbrough’s Conanby estate and who is a present serving with the British Army in Berlin.

It was 12 years old Stephen Pratt, another of the seven sons of Mr and Mrs Walter Pratt, of 11 Leslie Avenue, Conanby, who told us of his brothers Army service when he asked to join the “South Yorkshire Times” Children’s Corner recently.

Philip joined the Army four years ago, after leaving Conisbrough Northcliffe Secondary school and working for some time at the Denaby Main Colliery, his mother, Mrs Terasa Pratt told me on Wednesday.

“His father Sir for some time in the regular Army before the loss will and also during the war. Philip decided to join after hearing so much about it. From his dad”, she added.

Naturally enough Philip now aged 20, wanted to serve in his father’s own regiment the West Yorks, but they no longer existed under the Army streamlining plans, and he chose the Prince of Wales Own Regiment, a descendant of the old West Yorks.

Eyes on Berlin

like father like son, they say – like his father Philip, a PT instructor with the regiment, is a keen boxer and last year won the armies Rhineland Middleweight Title.

His aim now is to win the championship of Berlin, where he has been serving for the last 18 months. His duties include mounting guard on one section of the Berlin Wall, where he has had first-hand experience of the tragedies of the divided city.

His mother explained that one day he was on duty when a young boy tried to climb the wall nearby – and was shot.

Philip is at present taking part in the Outward Bound Scheme, and quite recently was awarded a bronze medal after endurance test in Scandinavia. As a fine swimmer and all-round athlete he has travelled all over Europe on the course.

His father is naturally pleased to see his son get on so well, especially as a boxer. He has always encouraged his son to develop an interest in the sport, and his “back yard boxing sessions” are renowned throughout the estate.

“We use have quite a gang of lads having a go. Philips father used to time them against the clock,” said Mrs Pratt. “People used to line up along the garden wall watching them.”