Headmaster of Denaby Boys School

July 1915

Mexborough times, July 17th

Teacher appointed headmaster of the Denaby Boys School

We offer to Mr William Watson, of Mexborough, who has been appointed to succeed Mr John Hoyle as headmaster of the boys department of the Denaby Main school, our heartiest congratulations.

Mr Watson has been the assistant “head” of the Denaby schools for 13 years. He served as a pupil teacher at the Bolton on Dearne schools, and held a position at Goldthorpe Council school as assistant headmaster. He subsequently wentto Denaby as certificated assistant teacher, and has been there since.

Mr Watson is a past president of the Mexborough branch of the National union of teachers, and has also strongly identified himself with the class teachers movement. He was one of the founders of the Association, and since its inception. He has held amongst other positions, that of honorary secretary.

Mr Hoyle the president headmaster has held the position for 29 years. He is now retiring to private life.

His resignation takes effect immediately after the summer vacation, and Mr Watson commences in his new position on the first day of September. The appointment as been confirmed by the County office and the honour that has been conferred upon Mr Watson is regarded in the light ofan appreciation by the manager of the school and of the committee at Wakefield of the services he has rendered as an admin of education.

Mr Watson, who, although generally quite pleased, accepts the honour that has been done him with characteristic humility, and has received numerous letters of congratulation from teachers and other professionals.