Helper Robbed

October 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times, October 7th, 1932

Helper Robbed

Local motorists are rather alarmed at the prospect of being held up in the dark, after what happened on Friday night one’ cannot tell who will be the next victim, nor what will be the next ruse. Appeals to stop will now be disregarded and the motorist genuinely in need of help will suffer.

It appears that at a spot on Doncaster Road, in the vicinity of the Cliffs, on Friday Mr. I A, Cunnington, of North Harrow: Middlesex, saw a woman trying to push a car to the road side. The time was just before midnight and Mr. Cunnington was on the way to Doncaster.

He stopped and offered assistance, when two men cable out of the shadows and attacked him. received a punch in the stomach and when on the ground his pockets were rifled. A couple of pounds were extracted from a wallet and the trio climbed into their own car and disappeared.

The victim went on to Doncaster and reported the matter to the police.